getting back




Tomorrow, I begin the painful process of re-integrating myself into general New York society. I would say I started today, since we technically got back Saturday night, but since I spent all day in bed sulking and only left the house long enough to buy the necessary ingredients for yaki soba, well, today didn't really count.

I know, I can already hear you telling me that, of all places, NYC isn't exactly the worst to have to reintroduce oneself to. You're right of course, but I have to say that being away from the city for so long, and in such strange and beautiful places, made me realize just how bummed out I've been by living here for some time now. However, since I haven't got any better plans up my sleeve, my task at hand is to find a job--so I can start saving up for my next vacation.

Part of the shock of coming back to Brooklyn was having to go from the sweet, mild, seaside summer of New Zealand to piles of greying snowdrifts and temperatures back in the 30's. I know spring is right around the corner, but I'll tell you, it sure doesn't look like it outside my window. Seeing this pretty editorial, styled by Camille Bidault-Waddington, is giving me a flicker of hope though. In fact, I've got all sorts of Spring inspiration and wishlists lined up.

My photos from the trip should be developed and ready to go by early next week I expect. Until then, I'm gonna start dreaming hard about a spring filled with mixed florals, shirt shorts, cat prints and red lips.

(photos by Max Farago for Elle US March 2010, found here)


adelaide.xo said...

i hope you had fun in my hometown brisbane, must be a big shock going from our heat to new york winter!


Juliette said...

I love the mix of patterns and colors in the pictures. Also I look forward to seeing the photos from your trip!



kaitlin said...

That always happens to me whenever I come back from a long-ish trip. That reverse culture-shock where you get bummed out being home. But soon it'll get better and the weather too! Like a pathetic fallacy? So not only will you get over the culture-shock and feeling a bit better, but it'll be like you control the weather when it turns from gray to sunny! Woah. Totally tubular, dude. :)


At least you missed the crazy blizzard last week!
I am totally dying for a pair of silk pants now...something I never would have thought I wanted before I saw this editorial!

Mary Standish said...

All about the lipstick. Gotta do it and gotta get florals... time to become feminine- it's spring!

Anonymous said...

yeah this place sucks


mapetiteamy said...

Aw. Post vacation blues are harsh :( Cheer up, though! You may be more motivated to make a positive change (if you need it, that is). Good luck with the job hunt! I'm sure you'll find something awesome :)

cassaundra said...

happy you're back!

sorry you're bummed :-(

we need spring!

The little Black List said...

i want everything from mui mui this season, the clogs are amazing and all the whimsicle (spelling ??) cartoon character loooking drawing...perfection

javiera isidora said...

i hope you have a good comeback!


Ringo, have a banana! said...

Haha, aw Steve, I'm so glad someone will always hate it here as much, if not more than, me.

Also, thanks guys! :n D

corrie said...

seriously... this weather is bumming me out. i got excited a couple of weekends ago when it was 42 and sunny. this winter feels epically long.

your trip sounds like it was amazing! i think i'll start saving for one as well, instead of buying clothes.