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snow leopard

Meet the newest addition to my feline arsenal:


Snow Leopard! It's like regular leopard print, only kinda chilled out and stuff. Also, is it just me or are baby snow leopards even cuter than baby regular leopards? I think it's the blue eyes. No doubt you can see the family resemblance??


So I am reeeaaalllyyy not supposed to be doing any shopping before my trip, but today my resolve imploded like the Kingdome and I bought these crazy-ass shoes. I mean, come oooooon. They're canary yellow, they're hairy, and I had just enough credit at Beacon's to make them technically free. Funnily enough I think they're by a Japanese brand? Also:


They make me approximately one billion feet tall (which in my case actually means just, like, normal amounts of tallness.)


lazy b said...

definitely prefer snow leopard print over regular now!

Stephanie said...

Those shoes are epically awesome. :P They look like a good 5in high.

♥Lola said...

They are so gorgeous :)

Bobby's Girl said...

Yes baby snow leopards are just gorgeous :)

your shoes ROCK! I love yellow shoes. And the fact that they are awesomely heeled makes them totally worth it. Plus, nothing beats "technically free" :D

Katrin said...

Wow the shoes look awesome (not that I could ever walk oder even stand in them) but even just for looking at them its worthy!

broom people said...

Oh my God Siri, those shoes.. (!!!). Magic!

Sarah said...

i am feeling the need to be a bazillion times taller now ... especially in those shoes. they're gorgeous!

sarah said...

those shoes are pure lusty glamrock, i loooove them.

enterrement vie de jeune fille said...

Those baby snow leopard are so cute;