Wherever we go, whatever we do, we're gonna take this luggage with us!

(photo via Yvan Rodic)

I bought a suitcase yesterday that is made out of almost the exact same fabric as this man's trousers. Now I'm getting anxious to start putting stuff in it already!

No one knows how to pack for a trip like Joe Banks. The scene with the luggage salesman is probably one of my favorite movie moments ever.


The Tinder Box said...

love floral on bags, grannychic at its finest!

Love_Again said...

I love packing for a trip away! I'm getting all excited just thinking about packing for a two week camping trip planned for this weekend. I'm so glad you are fitting you canon in your new suitcase. Can't wait to see the photos you take.

angela said...

my boyfriends mom also has the nicest floral suitcase set, that I adore!