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Vogue Feb 2010

Vogue Feb 2010

Speaking of travel...airports are one of the very few places that I allow myself to buy just about any domestic magazine I want. I deem it a necessary indulgence. On my return trip from Washington last week I found myself staring forlornly at a wall full of issues I'd already had my way with, save the February edition of Vogue US. With three hours to kill, I had little choice (if nothing else, I figured it might help me sleep...)

That aside, I actually thought this last little bit on "borrowing for the boys" was pretty cute. I love the last outfit with the cape and desert boots. Sometimes I get so tired of people who only seem interested in getting all bent out of shape over editorials since, more often than not, it's the rest of the content that I really enjoy, the little features and collages and whatnot. Maybe it's because I see so few editorials in general that really get me going, that I've come to take the time to appreciate a magazine for the smaller things?


elizabeth said...

you read my mind! i am so into boyish fashion right now it is not even funny. i'm thinking about bringing out a pair of l.l. bean duck boots from the back of my closet...mmm!

MissKellie said...

What a cute little article! :) I love menswear looks. Today I wore a boyish coat, and I matched with two of the boys in my class. :D

P.S. I'm giving away a clutch on my blog, if you'd like to enter! :)

Erin said...

I do this too! not that flying isn't an indulgence already, but I let that slide...
flying = magazines.

C said...

I always end up buying lame magazines that I wouldn't pick normally at airports. It's routine. In any case, I totally agree with you about editorials--they always get way more discussion and attention than anything else in a magazine, even if they're actually not that well done and interesting. I'm kind of a sucker for features and little articles with anecdotes and stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

I've got a navy vintage cape that I'm dying to wear when the weather finally creeps above 'bitter'... no bike though sadly!

I suscribe to most of the big fashion magazines simply so I can keep up to date with trends and jewellery features for my jewellery design work, but I seem to always end up disappointed every month with pretty much most of the content... Actually, I think I've ruined magazine reading now that it's no longer a coach/train/plane trip treat!

Siobhan xx


Suzy said...

Ten days away renders lots of news on the Ringo front- I'm so excited for you dude!! Photos! Tons!!

Anyway I'm totally the same way with editorials. I love to see things separate and let my own imagination do the talking. I found my winter coat in one of those collages this year actually, which is so unlike me- to follow through on such fashion threats.

Those rompers down there are ba-fucking-nanas, btw. Oh yeah, I'm commenting on three different posts at once. So much to catch up on!

I'll go for four and utterly HUZZAH!!! the flower post directly above.


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