i love the flower girl

jean paul
(photo from i-D Magazine June/July 2002)

Yesterday I had a bit of a crap day, so Alex, who bore the brunt of it via IM, brought me home a bunch of beautiful yellow crocosmia. Ladies and gentlemen, I've said it before and I'll say it again: you cannot go wrong with flowers! Some people complain that they're afraid of "getting the wrong thing", but guess what? There's really no such thing as a truly hideous flower (well, maybe besides those ones that live in the jungle and eat insects and smell like death), and besides that, the gesture alone will overrule any wilted daisies or bug-eaten babysbreath.

Still not convinced? Here are some safe bets that you can pick up on your way home from work today:
Spray roses (the smaller kind that has a bunch of little blossoms on one stem)
Orchids (yeah pricier, but you only need one!)

I'm telling you, just don't buy carnations and you'll be set. Also, let me take this opportunity to plug my new tumblr devoted to flowers, because I love them, and they make me happy!


gini said...

hallo, i just read your post in the midst of picking flowers for my wedding and it made me wonder what kind of flowers you would pick for your hypothetical wedding? ...and decide to de-lurk and ask. obv not carnations :) but i'd be really interested!

jessica said...

that's so sweet! you have some great photos on your flower blog

Ophelia said...

I'm new to this whole thing but just happened upon your blog, love it!

Can't wait for your next post!



Faux Naif said...

so sweet. i love flowers too - you have some amazing pictures on your tumblr!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

gini, I love your question!! If I were to ever tie the knot, I'd actually want to go the semi-traditional route and choose roses, tons and tons of roses. Pinks and white and reds. But not just ordinary roses--cabbage roses, English roses, wild roses, climbing roses, roses of all shapes and sizes. There's so much variation in roses that you so rarely see, unless you're lucky enough to have a garden of your own. I also really love tuberose and lily of the valley, ooh and violets! I'd love to have a big bunch of violets as my bouquet.

Lexie said...

awww, i love carnations! they last forevvvvver!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Haha, hey, they're ok, it's just that they remind me of crappy restaurants. But you're right, it's not carnations' fault that they're cheap and have an excellent shelf life.

angela said...

I can literally feel your smile beaming as you're describing those flowers!

Outi said...

Oh I agree! Flowers make me happy too. I should remember that more often. Today I had an awful day, but on my way home, spirit upwards, I picked up some tulips and I know it is a sign of happiness; to embrace the beauty of the world and remember all your personal philosophies. :-) Outi xx