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I just dug up this beautiful editorial (ahem...stalking Dree Hemingway's thread on tfs, ahem...) from Vogue Germany. Somehow I missed this back in May, but it looks even better now that the frigid north wind is whistling past my window.

Basically, I've given up on trying to find any sort of "winter fashion inspiration" anymore, since I've also given up on "winter fashion" as such. Seriously. It's fucking impossible to look good when it's a ReelFeel of -6°F out, unless you're loaded enough to buy fancy peacoats and vintage riding boots. And even then, it's mighty questionable.

(Photos by
Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer found here)


love_again said...

This editorial is fantastic. the styling is perfect, and that black-haired models face is so striking.

Cindy said...

meghan is so gorgeous. i love the shot with her in the goold headband esp. wow so pretty.

lkfeely said...

her face is amazing!

Kat said...

i just found your blog, i really like it :)

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Thanks Kat, and welcome!

Anonymous said...

Hoo boy, I feel your pain about winter dressing. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, and we've had a few ReelFeel minus-40 so far this winter. I've been wearing the same winter jacket for the past few years, and I just snazz it up with weird hats and scarves. It doesn't really matter what we wear underneath in winter, does it?

*sighs dramatically* Spring will be back one day, right? Your blog has given me plenty of inspiration for when that magic season finally makes an appearance!


Rebecca said...

I recently discovered your blog, you post some lovely images. These photos are amazing, really inspirational.

Arty said...

I love the images you post, very nice. And so are your blog. Like it. Defently dropping by as often as I can.

Xx, Linnea