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Thanks, Noah, for the amazing YouTube Karaoke Party (and these photos!), and sorry about the confetti--it was the smallest bag they had I swear!! I think I drank most of it by the end of the night anyways... karma's a bitch eheh.


Marta Represa said...

Looks like so much fun!
Happy new year... xx

Dizzy Miss Lissy said...

Oh man, looks like you had fun! I'm LOVING all of the confetti... I wish my New Years Eve was more like this one... Anyway!

Happy New Year~

Alisha! said...

This is SOO pretty! I la la love this!!! I should throw a Nouruz party so just so I will have a chance to cover my champagne in glitter confetti as well!

P.S. Have you seen these? Totally DIY-able http://confettisystem.bigcartel.com/

Suzy said...

but, oh! the happiness of confetti!! i was once, too, responsible for a friend finding confetti in his couch over a year after a nye party, but when the stuff comes in a plastic champagne bottle how do i say no?

AND. i'm going to need to see more of this outfit. photobooth it for all i care. what is the sparkly stuff? if you say beads i'll die. those sleeves look uuhmayzing.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Suze, for you, I promise to recreate it!! Photobooth it shall be. (And it's not beads, it's super gorgeous fancy lace stuff! Easily my favorite shirt/thing I own.)

love_again said...

So much confetti! I love your black NYE dress!

Mary Standish said...

I like you dress in this!

Kennedy said...

this looks like the most fun!

Lexie said...

ooo what kind of lipstick did you end up getting?