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Poking around the Chloé campaign archives over on TFS, I started getting all nostalgic over my earliest encounters with the label. I remember while pouring through beat up, third-hand copies of Vogue and W in high school art class looking for photos to tear out or to draw from it was always a little thrill to come upon a Chloé ad. They were just so beautiful and nostalgic in precisely the way I so wanted to emulate--then and now.


This last one is actually an ad from 1987. I really want to see more vintage Chloé pieces and images, especially the 70's Karl-era stuff. I imagine that some of it is probably pretty awful...and that I'll probably secretly like it anyways.


Antonio Barros said...

Its nice to see those images again! :)


VintageFrantic said...

No matter how old they are, Chloe ads are always beautiful :)

anne said...

i love the last one, so cool!

Suzy said...

i love the 'hair in motion' that many of these ads illustrate. those spring '05 ones especially. messy blonde hair all over the place. my hair is now past my boobs, i just noticed today. i propose we braid our hair into a singular plait sometime, while singing cyndi lauper's "true colors" to eachother. too much?

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Dewd this is totally us!1!!1!

Kallie said...

the pictures ive seen of gaby aghion's first show at cafe de flore are beautiful. I think instyle did a little slideshow of "chloe" from from the beginning. its kind of cool.

Georgiebird said...

Does it get any cooler than Chloe? I think not. Love!

Gisele said...

I love, love, love everything about Chloé, the ads is no exception and I made a post about them an awful long time ago, here´s the link if anyone cares http://tarteaucitrone.blogspot.com/2009/02/chloe-4-ever.html

I´ve also been on the lookout for 70´s Chloé, seems hard to find, please do post if you find any decent pictures!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

wow, these are making me want to poke around that forum too! I have always loved their ads and ripped them out, only for them to end up in the pile of other ripped out inspirations. thanks for making me aware of a digital way to archive beauty!

jess s//