tassel up, cowboy


It's no secret how I feel about tassels. So when I discovered Jenny Jenny, suffice to say it was love at first sight. Oh, and Icing on the cake: designer Jenny Collier was commissioned to create several pieces to be worn by models during the shoot for the newest Brian Ferry collaboration video, as seen above.



tasselclaspblack1 tasselclaspcoral1

The earrings are totally gorgeous, and same goes for the the lariat--I'd like to wear it as a belt over some slouchy paper bag pants, a lá Elise from Anywho (inspired, no doubt, by that little cult label Chloé...) That said, I think my favorite piece might be the tassel clip. I can think of a trillion plus one places to dangle that little guy! Accordingly, I want one in every color.


klee said...

love the necklace piece!


hannahlizabeth said...

i love them tooo, i hate that feeling when i'm out in public and realise i'm wearing 2-3 separate items of clothing with tassles!

the earrings and necklaces remind me of those things fancy people put on their curtains, in a good way.


Suzy said...

the lady all the way to the left looks like juliette lewis...

...AND i just walked home from work to find a lovely siri package waiting on my doorstep + picnic at hanging rock in my mailbox. sweet bliss, all i need now to complete my night are some baked goods!

i'll let you know when i style up my new romp-wear; i've a feeling it'll occur shortly after my new tap shoes arrive!


Poisoned Amour said...

they are pretty, unique :)

burntcrust said...

tassles plus Brian Ferry? Is this a sweet little lie? I'm flipping out.

burntcrust said...

oh and this is rachel by the way... I think James' take-over of my computer has gone too far..