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Rachel Comey S/S 2010

Rachel Comey S/S 2010


Uuuuuuh...how insanely jealous am I that Maya got to attend the Rachel Comey S/S 2010 presentation? I'll tell you: PRETTY INSANELY JEALOUS.

Ladies and gentlemen...it's freakin' fashion week!!!

(beautiful photos courtesy of NBC New York)


pia said...

these photos are great! so different from the usual runway shots.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

I was so happy when I found them, they're so much more vibrant and alive than the standard style.com fare!

Antonio Barros said...

Cool pics!!!


Anonymous said...

omg the shoes and colors are fantastic!

KLEE said...

damn, these look awesome!
wish i was there


Suzy said...

these are great- thanks for posting them!

now, which shows are you planning on finagling your way into this year??

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Ha, man I wish! I did get an invite to the Lewis presentation next week which I'm excited about. Actually, the first year I moved here, my friend and I went and hung out in the big tent--we literally just walked in through a side entrance and no one said boo. That got us some free cocktails, but it was almost worse being that close the to shows, I mean, separated from them by some flimsy plastic walls, but still not actually inside of them.

Rachel S said...

Best clothes ever. WOW. Way to be EXACTLY how I'd like to be dressed, models.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Duude, I know right? Way to nail it. And the shooooooes.

ana b. said...

O my goodness. I completely love Rachey Comey's shoes, styling, clothes - everything! How gorgeous are the shoes and the beautiful colours?

angela said...

I would like to have you know that I'm stalking ebay for Rachel Comey shoes! If only I could afford a pair. A girl can't help but dream!