FAQ Magazine has published a really great interview with Christopher from Girls, illustrated with photos by Aaron Brown (the man behind the majority of their amazing music videos.) It's pretty long, but absolutely worth reading all the way to the end. Chris has a lead a truly strange, truly amazing life thus far. Also, I'm seriously considering whipping up a DIY rip off of that jean jacket...

AND ON THAT NOTE: Guess which song is currently starring in the video for the new Urban Outfitters Fall catalog??? You really gotta see it on the homepage while it's still up for full effect. So crazy!! Man, first the Pains, now Girls, next...world domination.


Victoria said...

"lust for life" by girls from the album "album"! if you scroll down you'll see it. : )

Victoria said...

Ooops, I thought you were asking who sang it, duh!

dw said...

i'm seeing them in london a week from monday...so very excited!!

amy lauren said...

dear siri,
i live in sf and they did an article about them in the local free news paper! thought you might like to see it. http://www.sfbg.com/

Suzy said...

aw yeah i found this off your boy's tumblr the other day and wanted to hold christopher's head in my lap by the end of it.

and can we talk about how great alex is? i was so bummed that i was stuck going alone last night, but those dudes were so nice. he even knew who i was; what a guy!

E.K. said...

The Pains have been having a stellar year huh? Nice!

Laura Mason said...

Just if you had the time to read this, here's an article I wrote about Girls. Christopher rules. I just saw them last night in SF and it was beautiful, better than I ever thought it could be.