Red, Fringe and Blue


Yesterday was the first truly cold, rainy, blustery day of the season. There's absolutely no denying it anymore: Fall has landed.


This is the most layering I've had to do in months. Long sleeves...and a wool skirt?!? What a concept. I desperately need to round out my boot collection, especially since my favorite black lace-up pair is busted AGAIN. I've got a painful boot crush on a pair of, you guessed it, Rachel Comeys that I'll post about later, and maybe I'll put together an etsy boot round up? I've got an awful lot of faves, and not all of them are my size...in the meantime, I'll keep obsessively checking eBay.

Where do you guys buy your boots?


KLEE said...

pretty look :)


Suzy said...

aw yeah the fringe skirt! please do get on with that boot round-up; i tried looking for a pair of practical black or gray ankle boots the other day and ended up with the burgundy zodiacs i posted on a few days ago. i clearly need help.

oh, oh, and what shoe size do you wear? i conquered the bats (and by that i mean i frightfully stepped over the ones that hang from the stairs) in my nana's attic last weekend and one of the boxes was filled with only wooden platforms from the 70s, half of them a whole size too small for me. anyway, she wants all of it gone and i don't have the heart to profit off my once-insanely-stylish step-mom and aunt so i'm trying to find suitable homes for things.

anyway let me know whenever. i still have to go back up there and figure out which pairs hit up too many a disco in their day and which are still in good shape, so no rush.

Lisa said...

Love your skirt! It wasn't cold enough near me to break out the wool yet, but I feel it coming soon.

My most loved pair of boots came from a little thrift store in Burlington, VT. I think they were my biggest thrifting score ever. I've had a lot of misses thrifting, but if you find the perfect thing there is nothing so sweet. Good luck in your search.

Anonymous said...

the red skirt is great, good combo overall though

kaitlin said...

I started an apprenticeship cobbling last year with this very old, very cool Italian so I've been working on making them myself nowadays! I keep it low-key, but it's a fun little hobby that I do in my own time when I can. It's really great when you find some prints from the 1920s or 30s and know that all you need is for the guy to buy the supplies and that you can recreate them.

My hands are slowly being destroyed, though. Winter is going to be tough if these keeps going on.

Anonymous said...

I buy most of mine second-hand. MY two favourite pairs -- brown ankle granny lace-up boots and black knee high flat boots with gold detail -- are both a size too big, but I wear an insole and socks and they're super comfy! I love boots. I want more more more.

angela said...

i have the worst time with boots! short and wide calves make it very difficult for boot finding...i'm trying to find a black pair that laces up in the back. that way it gives me at least some leeway!

Anonymous said...

lovely outfit...i thought it had turned to autumn over here but now the sun has decided to show itself again!

i'm currently looking for boots on ebay etc but my feet are on the large side so i doubt i'll manage to find any vintage ones :(

Ringo, have a banana! said...

eliza--there's always hope! I'll keep my eyes out for larger sizes when I scout out etsy, promise!

Intrinsically Florrie said...

That's a lovely outfit. Simple shape but gorgeous colour palette.

Florrie x