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Whoa whoa WHOA, wait. Am I to understand that there is a Badlands themed editorial in the September issue of RUSSH???? When I still haven't layed eyes on the last issue, the one that came out two months ago?? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Oh RUSSH, it's a good thing I love you so damn much. Otherwise I'm afraid I might hate you...

While we're on the subject of my favorite magazine, if you haven't been in a while, go check out their new website. You can buy back issues as well as flip though many of them in their entirety. And there's even a section called "RUSSH merchandise" which is coming soon...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a tote!

(Photos found here)


sarah said...

martin sheen's handsomer twin. i love that movie, the dancing scene is my fav.

pia said...

i JUST watched badlands this week!!! i can't wait to get my issue of RUSSH now :)



Somewhere Here said...


Eve said...

That shoot is so lovely! Wow! I love her rabbit ears! Sooooo pretty!!!

dw said...

yep, yep...pretty much had the same reaction when i spotted this editorial (earlier today oddly enough) while watching their flip-through. RUSSH fills me with happiness but depresses me with its inaccessibility. SOB.

withthejoneses said...

You've got me dreaming for a middle part, and that's both scary and exciting.

Cassandra said...

dude, maybe you can answer me this. what is with the effing bunny ear phenomenon lately?

just tell me in person the next time you're home because i'll probably miss your response here.


Summer said...

Those bunny ears are so cute! =D Thanks for sharing those awesome photos.Have a great day. =D

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Anonymous said...

yesssss russh!
the best thing about living in australia =D

Little Monarch said...

i have no idea what badlands is! best check that out. Also, i like to think of the LV bunny ears as french bulldog ears much more class.

little my said...

great shots! this really convinced me to finally see the movie and I wasn't disappointed at all :)

Zoe said...

ohmygod. this is amazing. can't buy it in ireland though. thanks for sharing, great inspiration! especially the first picture. x

Tiffany said...

badlands=badass. thanks for the great recommendation.