light as air


I love absolutely everything about this photo from Turned Out--the colors, the complexion, and the HAIR, oh man. Like a perfect dollop of meringue, a pretty, puffy little hair cloud.


hannahlizabeth said...

wow i'm pretty certain i could never ever pull this off but i agree it is a gorgeous photo!

and christ those are some blue eyes..


KLEE said...

her eyes are so pretty!


Suzy said...

gosh darn you beautiful porcelain dolls. why must i be the european mutt that i am? i start out palish, and the second the sun comes out i tan like mad. make up your mind, skin tone!!!

*indie_queen* said...

Love the scarf, such complimentary colours for the girl

House of Milk said...

love everything about this as well, but doesn't she look a bit like maculay culkin? :)

Anonymous said...

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