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It's really started to feel Fallish around here lately. It was a strange transition--one day it was beastly hot and humid, the next day it rained, and afterward the world seemed to emerge from the deluge a sunny, milder, crisper version of itself.

Actually, Fall in New York is much more akin to the sorts of summers I grew up with: clear skies, little humidity, nice and warm during the day and refreshingly cooler at night. Basically, just right.
Even though it's still too warm to be wearing most of this stuff, I'm starting to work on putting myself in the mindset of bundling, layering...and wearing pants again on a regular basis.

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Antonio Barros said...

Cool selection of pictures! Very inspiring!


Meaghan Kelly said...

great pictures! :)
I'm not far away in Montreal, and I sort of feel the same about Fall realy being how I remember Summers.
It's pretty perfect weather here!!!! Hope you get tons of the same!

Saorise said...

great inspiration!
It's beginning to feel like Fall here in L.A as well!

flaming hag folkwear said...

still hot here, but i am dreaming of layers and boots and coats and hats.... i love the selection of pictures, they remind me of so many things that i have tucked away waiting for the good, leaf-stomping times that lay ahead.

Isabel said...

What a wonderful compilation of photos! Chloe Sevigny is always boss.

KLEE said...

love love love picture eight!
im darn jealous of all you people, my country is summer all year round so i wont get to wear nice coats ):
oh well..


little my said...

awww, wonderful pics! we might have our 'drop temperature storm tonight' and autumn by tomorrow, if the forecasts are right. so far, Bucharest has been still hot&humid. in a way I'm happy about it, because I don't want summer to leave just yet, though I wouldn't mind if it got a bit cooler

Lauren said...

these pics are so inspiring. saving to my lookbook folder. :)

also, i left you an award on my blog. feel free to check it out here: http://loafingodysseys.blogspot.com/2009/09/awards.html

Ayesha said...

beautiful pictures!
All of them!
it's so hard being in the other hemisphere then getting fall/ winter inspiration at the start of spring! haha but luckily it's been alittle chilly here lately so I have a few more days to try some of these out!

Spandexpony said...

I'm loving these images... so evocative!