Photographic evidence of my 30 second shotgun engagement to my pal Steve, or an innocent case of platonic wristband application? You make the call.

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Hint: don't worry ladieez, he's still single!!

(Photo courtesy of gawker.com)


May said...

I love you blog!

Anonymous said...

SY record release party? Jealousssss.


Ringo, have a banana! said...

oak: I actually felt sort of bad being there, because I have to admit I've never really listened to Sonic Youth, outside of, hhrrrm, "Superstar"? And that probably just because it was a Carpenters cover! (I feel like I'm losing some major cred here, heh) So I definitely felt like someone more deserving should have been there rocking out with Thurston and Kim instead of me!

Anonymous said...

i love the lights! so cool
you look pretty


Diane said...

Ha, this is too cool. I love the lights in the photo and you look absolutely stunning.

melly said...

I do love what you're wearing, looks classy lady.

WendyB said...

Ah, young love.

jill said...

Wow, how scary is that, I found this thru Nicky's (lipsoflondon) - that is the best blog name! - and when I saw that photo, thought for a minute it was my friend Young Claire who to Chicago from London. Had to check your profile to see it wasn't her/you.
LOVE your blog. I'm especially jealous because I'm for the time being stuck with the most bog standard boring blog name.

You two do make a beautiful couple and I'm sure you'll have lots of clever little children together.