Summer, and a Song

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These are the sort of colors I want for summer: soft, stripes, tans, creams, pinks, blues. Things that feel good on your skin and make you smile from head to toe.

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The last couple of days have been perfectly gorgeous: just hot enough, just breezy enough, not a cloud in the sky. I've been doing my best to ignore the fact that I'm still not technically done with school, and that I should really be studying and reading but ahhhhh, how can I work when the sky is so blue?? Hallelujah, I'm a bum!

And this is really just the perfect summer song. If you haven't heard of Kurt Vile, well...neither had I until a few weeks ago when the ever-wise bf turned me on to this sweet, sweet jam (mmm, jaaam.) It's already made its way onto my first mixtape of the season!

(Sorry for the weird video, the song itself actually ends around 2:41, but the picture just keeeps goin'...)


Suzy said...

girl you is bringing ariel pink flashbacks from two summers ago when i actually enjoyed living in this dirty town! all i need now is the only ones (which is impossible to re-find for some reason), some olivia tremor control and i'm set. oh, the summertimes.

do you still have, like, tests and stuff or just mass quantities of papers due? either way you're also writing for my favorite magazine ever so doesn't that kind of allow you to be a little cocky and enjoy the warm breezes? (yes, it does.)

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Yeah, he's way Ariel Pink-esque. "Work Copy" is like, the shit! The shite! And all that.

I have a big in-class essay type of final tomorrow and another on Friday. I also still have to come up with another book report, on one of two books that I haven't read more than a few pages of, nor will I, I assume. Oops.

And to answer your question, it damn well should!

Speedbump said...

Kind of exactly what I want to wear this summer too. ^_^

marina said...

thanks for the song! I'm blasting it in my office right now! It's sunny outside...happy day!

Crystal said...

Oh, man...Freeway and Hunchback have seriously been sitting tight on my Summer 09 Jamz playlist. Can't wait to cruise on my bike to this underneath the hot, hot sun.

Eva. said...

lovely colour palette!

sarah said...

foamy fabrics in pastel, i'd like a blouse in all colors please so i can pair with a plain pencil skirt all summer.
happy friday!!! weee....

Claire said...

awh your so lucky, weather here has been awful :(

your blog is so pretty! and that song is fab x