Here we go again...


...and I still don't have issue #27. Damn you Barnes & Noble!

(Photo from RUSSH's myspace)


Rhiannon said...

Ooh, yet another post that makes me want to go straight to Barnes and Noble!

Though I doubt they'll have this one . . . we still don't have 27 either which isn't that surprising for Atlanta, but New York!!! They're slacking!

Liily said...

Living in a small town, finding good art magazines is hell. When they click on and finally get Russh, it will be old news. Joy.


PinkBow said...

i have yet to find this mag in ne of uk - i am dying to get my hands on a copy too!

ct said...

Gorgeous magazine cover. It's really too bad that my Barnes and Noble does not carry Russh. We only get teeniebopper magazines.=(


Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful!

AFitz said...

kim gordon? oohlala. been listening to sonic youth all day

Crocodilian said...

Love the color palette of this cover! Why don't more magazines abandon the hot pink rental assaults (I'm looking at you, Harpers) they've been prone to lately and use this as an guideline? Gorgeous!

Elle said...

Hi lovely bloggers!
i work for Russh, the best way to get your hands on it overseas is to subscribe.