Bravo, bravo, bravissimi!

Monday night, we went to see a performance of Don Giovanni at the Metropolitan Opera.


We had standing room only tickets...and it was pouring rain...and freezing cold out. But we persevered!

It was overall pretty amazing, I love Mozart to death (in no small part due to
Amadeus, as wildly fictitious as it may be...), all except for the part where I got busted by an usher for trying to sneak into some empty seats after the intermission. Dudes, you can't blame me for trying--that was a pretty brutal three and a half hours! By the time the Don was on his way to eternal damnation, I was on my way to the eternal fusing of my spine...


This dress is among my favorite things I've ever thrifted. It just fits, and was definitely handmade at some point. I don't get a lot of opportunities to wear it out since it feels so fancy. Guess I should go to the opera more often, duh.


In conclusion: well met, Met.


Suzy said...

By George, that purse!! I still haven't been to the opera yet and I'm running out of time as I won't be living in a big city come July.

I also wore green gloves to the last schmancy event I attended, The Green Tie Ball, but they were that stretchy satiny kind that go past the elbow and were probably the best thing about that stupid, ironically un-environmental night.

Anonymous said...

i love amadeus haha

megan said...

aw this is such a LADY outfit! love it. and your hair!

megan / http://mallratcouture.blogspot.com

keira antoia rose said...

wow, great outfit. Those green gloves and little purse are perfect! Going to the opera is one of my favorite things to do.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Pretty Pirate said...

You look darling, it doesn't seem too fancy to me because it looks like separates. I think you should keep it in the daily rotation. ;)

lauren said...

your little purse and green gloves are insanely adorable, and the dress is perfect! i can see why it's one of your favorites. you should definitely wear it more :)

grace said...

where did you get those amazing gloves?!

Anonymous said...

Love those gloves. And damn those ushers! Usually they let you away with stuff like that!

Hannah said...

That dress does indeed fit you beautifully! And I love your bag.. are those rhinestones I see?

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Grace: I got the second hand at Beacon's Closet here in Brooklyn. They don't have any sort of brand or label on them :n (

lovely disco: I KNOW, what the hell?!? I read soooo many articles and reviews that were like "oh don't worry if you have standing room only tickets, just follow the regulars as they slip into empty seats after intermission" so I was like "cool, let's do this!" and then I flt a forceful tapping on my arm...but this usher was a real douche, she yelled at a handicapped woman for nearly bumping her foot while trying to move out of the way for someone...ANYWAYS.

Hannah: they are indeed rhinestones. Soooo sparkly!

jessica ann said...

looking amazing as always! <3