Turn on the Bright Lights

Okay okay, DESPITE my insistence that Spring has in fact sprung..it was pretty nasty today. Look you guys, Spring is having a hard time right now ok??? It ain't easy bein' a season!


In solidarity, I put on my brightest, most obnoxious blouse and...some pants? I know, I know, I don't believe it either. Desperate times indeed. I also couldn't help slipping on my new 70's platforms from pistenine on etsy, even if I know I'll have to change back into boots should I need to venture out anywhere further than my kitchen.


Oh god I love these! I feel like I've gone a bit shoe crazy lately, but I also feel like, after wearing essentially one pair of boots (and wearing them literally TO DEATH) all winter long, I'm owed a little variety. Also, they are doing a pretty good job of filling the void in my heart left by these pieces of wonder:


I thrifted these back in my magpie high school days, and had hung onto them through the years with my eye on some far off time when I might actually be approaching a state of radness/comfortableness with looking like a nut job to actually wear them in public. Now that such a time has finally come, they are nowhere to be found! I've scoured my room back home to no avail. It's actually borderline embarrassing how much their loss upsets me.

So sad! So silly. My life in a nutshell.


meghan said...

aw i would be really upset too. They;re SO cute. i love this outfit

pigeon.toed said...

those jeans are amazing!!

AFitz said...

Augh I'm jealous of your shoes!

Argh, I hate having size 12 feet. It sucks. You can never find decent shoes at thrift stores and foot fetishists send you perferted messages over facebook.

keira antoia rose said...

Lovely outfit...despite the recent spring weather, today was a difficult day for my weather :( Rainy and cold...same ol' same ol'. Your blouse is bright and cheery!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Saorise said...

I really love this outfit and you look very good in pants!

I would like you to join a fun tag game on my blog.

Vintage Tea said...

Cute outfit. Shoes are soooo lovely

Visit me at Vintage Tea!


Suzy said...

i've always wanted to ask if you just look hideous in pants or something and that's why you never wear them, but now i know you is bangin' in them!

anyway, i don't have time for fashion, i've got a freaking semi-stalker who just became my blog's biggest fan! you're a super-successful blogger, have you ever dealt with something like this?? i don't want him to ruin my blog for me! :(

Lydia said...


I really really REALLLY x100 like this! Not often do pants inspire me, but holy crap do I want to be sporting jeans like this. Exceptional, spring should be on it's way now!

AFitz said...

OT but ahhh you know Kristina Marie! We were talking about the Pains of Being Pure of Heart and she mentionned how she met you last summer while interning the city, and I was all "oh, I love her blog!" but thats cool, small world

alexa Shapiro said...


...nowhere near as glorious, and probably a bit too tiny, but such a loss requires even the most pathetic attempt at consolation! those shoes are amazing. you must find them!

Stephanie said...

Love this outfit!

Diane said...

That outfit is so lovely! I love the colors of your button-up.

dw said...

dang! those jeans look amazing on you.

sarah said...

you look adorable, tie a neckerchief on and call it day ;)

Jennifer said...

Where did you get your jeans???

Brooke Alexandra said...

I too need to know where the jeans are from, they are amazing!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Thanks everybody! I think I just have an irrational fear of pants, because they leave me feeling so exposed! Also, I think the problem might be that the only pants I can stand to wear are skin tight jeans...not the most forgiving article of clothing. I feel swallowed up and dumpy in anything else with two legs.

Haha, anyways, these jeans are actually a pair that I bought second hand at Beacon's Closet and sewed up from boot-cut to super skinny. I have never ever found a pair of new jeans that were both tight enough and cheap enough for my liking, so I always end up taking them in myself. It's actually not all that hard. Maybe if I find a light wash pair, which I'm on the hunt for, I'll do a little tutorial!

Maeko said...

Spring here decided to lie. It's really winter under the guise of spring, dressed up in gold, all sunshiny, bright, and cloudless and what not. Well, it's just one big tard of a lie, stinking and fetid.

It's beautiful and clear out, but the temp is 28F. Spring, you pansy! Winter, you f&cking liar.

Suzy said...

Ditto on the jean front, lighter wash and all. PLLLEEEEAAAASE do a tutorial. You don't want to know the things I've done to thrifted jeans of the past.

Anonymous said...

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Lily Rex said...

Not even close, but here's the obligatory f21 knockoff of your lovely shoes.


Furthermore, I also support the pants tutorial.
Viva la pants!