soft focus






Beautiful photos by Wendy Bevan from the Winter 2008 issue of MUSE.


Anonymous said...

these are so lovely. half 1800s half 80s

Caitlin said...

so so so gorgeous

Suzy said...

oooh nice; i'd like to wallpaper an entire room with giant prints of soft focus photographs. giant, gaudy chandelier in the middle of the ceiling with velvety chaise lounges strewn about.

not sure what one would do in such a room except lounge around in beautiful frocks...oh god and take MORE pretty soft focus photos- SHIT! IT'S A WHOLE DAMN CYCLE OF PRETTY! Get me off this ride! No, don't, it's too pretty!!

oh, brain.

Isabel said...

Beautiful photos. When I saw the post title, it made me think of Ian Svenonius, whom I adore.

pink horrorshow said...

I LOVE WENDY BEVAN SO MUCH!!!! The 2nd and 4th ones are amazing, I wish she was featured in more magazines.

lulu said...

lovely photos xx