Oof, I'm behind!

Here are the latest two articles I wrote that appeared in BUST Magazine:


(click to make 'em legible!)

Here's my flickr set of the rest. And as always, I can never say "thank you thank you thank you!" enough to the wonderful ladies of BUST.


Fashion Fille said...

nice, chickie!

E.K. said...

This might sound weird as a guy, but I've been reading Bust a lot lately! I love their album reviews. It started with "I wish people reviewed my albums with that insight." Then it turned into, "I'm gonna get my album reviewed in Bust." Ha!

Anonymous said...

congratulations! that's so awesome.

dw said...

it's just grand that you get to write for Bust. i'm super jealous. it's one of my favorites, when i can find it in rainy old london.

crispybenfranklin said...

I'm still waiting for my issue to come in the mail. I'll be looking for your articles!

Caitlin said...

this is so awesome girlfren. (and I also think its amazing at some point in your ancestral lineage there was a guy named thor, so cool)