Happy Valentine's Day everyone (hurr hurr!)


(All photos found on thefashionspot.com)


Anonymous said...

glorious pics. they make me think of sleeping in, lazy sundays

Suzy said...

Ugh, I'm sick and stuck in bed while my boy is in Brooklyn for the weekend OH and I found a mouse eating chocolate on my floor at 5am. But that video was a beaut and took me away for just a few seconds.

Kinda reminds me of that video of Kate Moss jumping around during a shoot, high out of her mind. But still very pretty indeedsky!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Aw man Suzy, that is so sad! God I am so sick of finding mice doing inappropriate things at inappropriate hours in inappropriate areas of my house. I'm glad I provided a bit of a distraction, if only for a moment. The video makes me want to make one of my own...or maybe it just makes me want to run around in a dewy field in a flowy white dress? Maybe I can have both?

~ Faith said...

LOVE the pics. LOVE the blog! Happy Un-Valentine's Day, haha!


Jenna said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a pretty blog!
I love it!

Austere said...

these pictures are very lazing on a sunday afternoon. I love them. Happy Valentines Day!

Kat said...

you have lou doillon in your header, she's so great!

Vintage Tea said...

The pictures are great. I especially love the last one!

hope you had a good vday

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hkki said...

nice photos