Etsy Shoe Showdown: Volume T-Strap

Before my latest excursion down Beacon's Closet Way (which, fyi, dead ends at "I Wonder How Many People Just Saw My Boobs Through the Crack in the Indoor Beach Cabana These People Call a Dressing Room" Lane), I spent many long dark months obsessively stalking etsy in pursuit of The Pair.

I'd be lying if I said my lust was entirely sated...but in the brief interum before the itch returns, in the spirit of the last showdown, and in the spirit of sharing, here's a round-up of all the beautiful little t-strap shoes I would buy on etsy if size and moola were no object.

size 7.5 from thisyearsmodel; size 8.5 from DuchessVintage

size 8.5 from Estate Sale

size 7 from Sweetwater Vintage

size 7.5 from VintageShoesNBoots; size 8 from NStyle Vintage

size 7.5 from Perfectly Vintage