Workin' hard/hardly workin'

I'm singing the end-of-semester-blues. You know, that last week or so where it just feels like it REALLY should all be over, but it isn't, and time drags its nasty little hooves in the sand. It's a rotten business all right. Things might get a bit patchy around here for a bit--the weather's miserable and all these clouds make me want to shut my eyes until April. But I'll try and keep up, if I don't drown in books first!

P.S. Per request, the full frontal!

My housemate found me this dress on the street the other day. This was before I took it up a bit, which is why I'm hiking it skywards. And yes, I am wearing my own hair as a headband. I win!


jeunedemoiselle said...

I feel exactly the same way!
I hope you'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

great photo.
alas, one can't see the outfit completly. i'd like to see the whole look, it seems to be awsome.


Stararah said...

I love your blog.
And I like the outfit. :]

Anonymous said...

really great. i love the dress. thanks!


shamblebaby said...

your blog is great darling,you're really beautiful.
and btw,i really love your room ;)

WendyB said...

Your own hair as a headband...I love it!

Mila said...

Those are really beautiful pictures! Happy holidays! :)