Sleepy sleepy sleepy

I have been SO TIRED lately, it's all I can do to drag myself out of bed each day an hour before the sun goes down. This is the point at which not having a job and not going to school starts loosing all its charm.

I just want the sun to come back!!!

P.S. This skirt/jumper actually used to be shorts on the bottom, I bought them at a thrift store in Washington State and turned them into a skirt. I sort of wish I had left them shorts since that would be way funnier. I have been so starved for good thrift stores in NYC, but I'm headed back west for a few weeks soon and I CANNOT WAIT!


Anonymous said...

i think you should post what you got for christmas.

PS: i love your blog.

Suzanna Mars said...

I love these pictures! There's something Scandinavian about them, although not quite sure what. They almost have a fairytale quality to them that is immensely appealing.

I'm missing the sun myself, so what did I do? I bought self-tanner. It will turn my face yellow and people will ask if I'm feeling quite all right, but it's the only way to take a stand against GRAY.

Soul Tanggg said...

you're GORGEOUS!

i love the color combo of grey, blue, and red.

nice nice nice

Wendy said...

I always like looking at your photos. You're style is simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

once again, i love that skirt... where the hell did you get that? i've been looking for a skirt like that for months.

Kristin said...

I love the color combination. I must say, I am in love with your outfits.

Very cool blog. Would you be interested in exchanging links?

Stararah said...

I really like the outfit. Especially the tights and shoes.

Kayley said...

Love the outfit.
What part of Washington state are you headed? I love about 20 minutes north of Seattle. Red Light (with 2 Seattle locations) is my absolute favourite vintage shop.

xxx Kayley

freelancer's fashionblog said...

I'm gonna say the same as most of the above have already said; I love the color combination in your outfit!
For some reason it makes me think of raspberry sorbet(even though rasperry sorbet is mostly just red and not grey and blue but anyway...)

Anonymous said...