For me?

I would like very much to gloat to you all over what I got for Christmas, but the problem is, the whole gift giving process is being slowly dragged out for me this year. I didn't get home for the holidays, and instead I'm headed there in the beginning of January, so my family decided that we should save our gifts and exchange them in person.

But that didn't mean no presents at all on Christmas. I already got the best one by far on the 17th when my boyfriend came to stay with me for two weeks, but as far as material goodies go, so far I have welcomed these little fellas:

and this book:

into my life, as well as a few other odds and ends. So tell me, what's the best thing you got for your Holiday of choice this year?


AlicePleasance said...

This year I received only a couple of "material presents", but I received money from mom and finally I bought this wonderful, clever dress:
I looked at it for a month and finally a couple of days ago I purchased it! It's still on its way to me and I can't wait to receive it!!!

Kayley said...

I received that owl tea set last year for Christmas! I adore it. :)
And that book looks fantastic.

xxx Kayley

Suzanna Mars said...

I ended up not getting much, but eventually I bought some stuff from LUSH--something called an Amazonian bar that has a weird scent like orange blossom and hay; it's cocoa butter (a "massage" bar) that I am not using for the intended romantic purpose.

WendyB said...

Those owls are adorable!

the iron chic said...

Whoa! Where are those owls from?

Stararah said...

I almost got that book earlier this year, but I was out of money. I think it's so neat!

sherbet tone/sarah said...

I very much want that book! I read a review on it just reencently claiming that it is quite good.

Nicola's Vintage Boutique said...

Ive also heard the book is done very well, I definitely have to check it out. I dont know if you have heard of the book 'Boutique' by Marnie Fogg but if you're into 60's fashion you should definitely check it out.

Rachel said...

hey i got that same owl teapot. Sweetsies.