O Karen!

This spring, I fell in love with Karen Walker.

This look was probably just about my favorite from the A/W 2007 runways. It floored me.

This season, while not provoking quite such strong feelings for me, Miss Walker has none the less delivered again.

I ADORE these colors! They just make me feel all squishy inside.

Floral dresses with black tights, check and check. I intend to employ this little number in such manner

post-haste (is it too soon to be taking fashion tips from next Spring? Why not I say!)

The braid detailing here is what does it, and again that blushy pinky color woo woo woo!

Honestly, I'm getting a bit fed up with belts. But the first two days of fasion week have already proved that they're not going anywhere soon, especially simple brown leather styles which are certainly the least offensive of the species.

Polka dots polka dots oh my. The bigger the better I say! I also loved all the straw hats, it gave everything such an easy spring charm, and made me a bit lovesick for those careless warm days we're so rapidly leaving behind...


stephie said...

you have beautiful taste!

Julia said...

Heehee it's weird that Karen Walker is so cool overseas now. Some of my friends buy stuff when it's on sale, but the closest I'm getting to it is the Karen Walker for WSPA tshirts coming out here :( I love love love this collection though...

dianabobar said...

cute prints, no? i think it a bit chloe sevigny