Feelin' Superfine

Yesterday, Jazz Owl and I braved the guerilla war zone that is popularly known as the last day of the Barney's Co-op Warehouse sale. With thirty dollars in my pocket, and not a cent more available too spend, I was leery of what I could accomplish. It was, of course, a madhouse, and though I was too busy fighting off bitches tryin' to get at my Catherine Holstein babydoll dress (which, sadly, I did not actually purchase. To the girl with the brown Stam bag, sorry for the Indian burn. Also, can I have your bag?), I did manage to snap some photos of the madness which I'll share with you ASAP. I also managed to make a small score of my own.

I found these Superfine Blondie jeans, which will run you somewheres in the neighborhood of $300.00 with tax for, drumroll please.........$17.25! They are the tightest damn things ever, and bordering on ridiculously short, but god damn they have zippers! All I have to do is sleep in them for a few days (weeks?) and I'm sure they'll mold to my body...or grow into it, but this is a risk I'm prepared to take. Although I could not find any concrete prof, I like to think they are the same pair that grace Kate Moss' body here:

From what I understand, Miss Moss owns every style of Superfines ever created, or some mumbo jumbo to that effect, so it's not only plausible, it's likely! At any rate, a girl can dream about wearing the same jeans as Kate Moss, perhaps even on the same day, can't she?


a.swank.circumference said...

So Glad your back! Great find. It would be fun to think of wearing the same jeans on the same day as moss!

Sally Jane said...

The one perk to my job as an assistant in the fashion world is store credit! Last year I scored three pair of Superfines and I live in them. They do stretch out and become more comfortable, so be patient with them. Even if you can't bend at the knees, you'll look super hot.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Heh, thanks Sally, that's what I'm counting on! I definitely love them. Bending at the knees is overrated anyways :n )