Shoe update...

I got some new ones to day, hoooo boy!

Actually, I feel like they make my feet look kind of narrow, and they may or may not actually fit, buuut, when I found out they were on sale for $4.99 I couldn't refuse. They're vintage, by a brand called Cobbies, and in near mint condition, i.e. I would probably would have bought them just so I could gaze at them whenever I wanted to.

Also, eerm...ok, so I know I need to kick this habit, and bad, but I have two more pairs on their way from eBay.


were originally part of a lot that didn't sell, so I convinced the lady to sell just these to me. They have a little tiny heel. I just loved the cross strap. I payed a little more than I wanted to, but I was grateful to the seller for being flexible, so I kept mum.

Secondly, after discovering my lovely and amazing gladiator sandals didn't fit (meaning they will be up on my eBay next week), I was in need of something strappy. So,

these are next in line. Honestly, I wasn't 100% sure I wanted them when I put in a bid (I reeeaaallly need to stop doing that), but meh, I won them for real cheap, they might be cool, and they're by Gloria Vanderbilt, which also happens to be the same brand as my new favorite shoes. So, there's hope anyways. We'll see!

Finally, in addition to the gladiators, these suede wedges (better pictures coming soon!) and a pair of sherbert-colored vintage Hushpuppies sandals will be going up on eBay next week, so if you haven't added me to your favorite sellers yet...what're you waiting for?!

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