Obsession: Snakeskin

So, ever since being forced to return those snakeskin sandals from Urban, I've been wanting for some white python. There's something so simultaneously Old West rough-and-tumble yet extremely classy and luxuriant about it. Perfect matched with something frilly and summery. You wouldn't want to go overboard, and the idea of any large item of clothing in such a print (I think most of us have been hit on at least once by a sweaty dude in tight pants with gelled frosty hair and an earring sporting a polyester snakeskin button up or, shudder, a blazer with matching boots...) is pretty abhorent, but a single, tasteful accessory would be just the ticket.

This vintage 1930's luggage

from eBay is a dream, and a fair deal I feel, if you're not broke and willing to deal with figuring out how to pick it up. I imagine slouching on the biggest one by the side of some lonesome desert highway, with a cardboard sign reading "WEST" and bare, dusty toes. Oh! I think a whole novel could be written about those three heartbreaking pieces.This purse

is something of a consolation prize, and cheaper, but still too rich for my blood.
And, if I were an 8, I would be alll over

these babies. Curses.

Basically, a search for "vintage snakeskin" on eBay will yield some delightful hits, if you've got the time and paypal capital to spare. Sigh. My goal is to own one item in this stuff before the end of summer. Any suggestions? How do you feel about all this? Spill the beans, all the beans, I demand it!


Candid Cool said...

Those suitcases are a dream. I've been looking for some white python too.
I've seen some python in Guilt As Skin or Belly Dancer flats from Kenneth Cole Reaction, a clutch from Banana Republic, pumps from Michael Kors, and drivers at Cole Haan.
And I really waiting for the drivers and clutch to go on a massive sale.

big daddy said...

I love it, i haven't thought of snakeskin since the 90s. love love love the shoes. Good idea i want snakeskin now too.