Release the Hounds!

Ok, new blog layout. It's kinda over the top, but it's Springy I guess and it'll have to do until I have the patience to find something better. So.

It's Spring all right. May is upon us. And I want sandals. I recently purchased these wonders:

off urbn.com, only to discover that they run about 2 sizes big. I knew they ran big, but not THAT big. So now I'm trying to decide if I should a) send them back, b) keep em and try and make them fit (yeah, right), or c) keep them till they sell out and put them up on eBay. Hrrmm. None of those choices really satisfy my need for Spring footwear. My feet are tired of being caged; they are restless!

I've been of the opinion for sometime that gladiator-style sandals are just a bit too silly/tacky for my taste. However,

these girls over at facehunter have been busy changing my mind. They look...pretty damn good. I'll have to go about this carefully, however. I still have a little bit of the fear.

Also, I used to have a pair of shoes like these lovely girls from Montreal are both wearing:

I guess they're some sort of huaraches, those Mexican sandals. I'm pretty sure we all got them at thrift stores. I wore mine to death last year, and now I yearn for a new pair. I noticed that Topshop has some similar styles(as well as some other wonderfulness but they're not really the same, and it's not as if I could afford the exchange rate anyways. Sigh. Ebay, you're my only friend.

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