Don't fear the romper...

Ha ha ha. Ok. So, lately I've been seeing some pretty sweet one-pieces around internet way. Such as

as seen on softspoken's flickr, and

from ..it's.magic..

Which got me thinking. So, the other day, I bought this romper

I would like to point out that I actually work at American Apparel, which means I get 50% off most merchandise (it also means I am required to wear head to toe AA clothing every day I work, but that's another rant all together). Otherwise I wouldn't set foot in one of those places. But, since I do indeed set foot in one of those places about five days a week, and since Tri-Blend is basically one of god's greatest gifts to man, I had to go for it. You only live once, and I suspect that the painful hours I have spent inside the flourescently lit white box that is my place of work is beginning to shave off precious years of my life. This romper is soft and lovely and very very silly. On me, it looks like this:

That's cool and all, but I'm sure as hell not about to start strolling around town in this thing. Lounging around eating stale Easter candy and watching Kids in the Hall episodes on YouTube is one thing, but swinging by the ol' corner store for a gallon of milk is a whole 'nother ball park. Nuh-uh. So I decided to brainstorm a few viable outfit options using this thing. My first attempt was a bit tentative. Shoes were a necessity, as were some sort of cover-up. And so,

Still not exactly practical, but on the right track. I though about adding a skirt, as tucking tank tops into high waisted skirts has become a new pastime of mine. I tried

but I still wasn't satisfied. I've had a love-hate relationship with shorts for years, as in, I love the idea, but often hate the way they make my lower half look. But dark denim is so classic and, thankfully, dark, that I though I'd give my chopped off Levi's a try

I think this one's my favorite. Whether or not I'll be able to work up the courage to actually wear this outdoors (excluding my back yard, on a towel, eating string cheese and reading Lula magazine) remains to be seen. Baby steps, I say.


Anonymous said...

i love it! once i saw a sergio valente jumsuit on eBay, and i'm kicking myself for not getting it! oy vey! wearing rompers or jumpsuits or whatever they're called may be tricky so i know what you mean... you look adorable though!

The Vintage Society said...

You look dang cute in the romper! Love it with the shorts!

big daddy said...

I like the romper by its self, so cute on you! I have been trying to find one too.

Blaize said...

You're pretty dang cute, even just in the jumper, though I can see how you would hesitate to go to the store in it. I really like the skirt version, though I think that the shorts version is also flattering to your "lower half," a body area I think you have a unnecessarily bad opinion of. I mean, you have hips! My reaction is rawwwrrr!

Anonymous said...

oh dear, i bought a romper this weekend. it's a little wild, but what's a girl gonna do?
; )

punky said...

your blog is lovely!

Eyeliah SS said...

cute cute! I just got the AA romper i a purpleish color, so excited for the summer.