I finally got three rolls of film developed last week, and suddenly I feel like I have more photos than I know what to do with! Some of them have been sent off on secret missions, a few are waiting in reserve for a special announcement, but until then I will get on with sharing the rest.

We may not have a had white Christmas, but I did have a white winter vacation this year. It was the first time most of those ducks had ever seen ice or snow, and hi-jinks ensued. Ducks are so dang cute, I think these guys may have put me off chickens forever. I spent a lot of time lurking around the house, taking pictures of my Mom's weaving studio, my growing stack of National Geographics. We also did a good bit of bushwhacking and trail building in the woods around our place, and I still have the blackberry vine marks around my ankles where they got in above my socks and worked their mischief. The water was snow-blue and everything was still crusted in white the morning I left. By the time I see my homeland again, winter will have miraculously turned to mid-summer and the garden will be blooming.

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