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For me, the best part about Fashion Week in NYC is that it tends to lure all sorts of exciting, stylish visitors from far away corners of the world. This past February, I finally had the chance to meet up with one of my favorite bloggers from the other side of the globe, Ms. Hannah-Rose of Capture the Castle. We spent a giddy afternoon wandering around Williamsburg on various goose-chases (some wilder than others) and eventually settled down to conduct a little interview over coffee and Tim Tams at Toby's Estate.

Hannah also asked me to put together a Top Ten list for Benah, one of my favorite Australian lines that also happens to run a really excellent blog. True to form, I decided to make everything ten times more complicated by only shooting the photos I wanted to use on film--but I'm so glad I did! I'm really happy with the results, and I hope you are too. Have a look, and leave a little love :n )

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