magic pants

I call these trousers my Magic Pants, because twice in a row I have worn them to work at an event of some kind and shoved cash in the pockets, only to conjure from thin air the forgotten bills days or even weeks later.
The shirt is old and silky-soft, and will probably start falling apart the fifth time I wear it. And the shoes! They are the shoes I have been looking for since ninth grade. They're the shoes I wish I had worn to my first high school dance. Soft suede, ankle straps, solid heel and a tiny little peek of a peep at the toe. I will wear them until the day they go all Silver Hornet on me. Sadly, they're second-hand and the name is completely rubbed off the inside, otherwise I would tell you and we could all devote ourselves to tracking them down in every single color ever made.

Best of all, I was lucky enough to wear this here outfit to the A Détacher Fall 2012 show at Pier 59 Studios on Sunday night. As happy as I was to have a standing ticket, I was pretty dang excited when I nabbed a front row seat once all us rabble were allowed to file in and fill in any empty spots. I felt a liiittle bit conspicuous snapping away with my clunky SLR whose shutter goes off like a demented robotic baby bird, but if I've gotten even one decent shot of the fiery red-orange tights in those taupe and tangerine wood soled platforms, it'll have been more than worth it. Thank you Caitlin once again for inviting me, you made my day and my (Fashion) week!

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