The last day I accomplished anything truly productive was January 24th; I know, it's on my Google calendar. Since then, my general life/work trajectory has settled gradually into something of a flat line. These short but sunny days, half of me wants nothing more than to run away back West. The other half, however, understands that I have no realistic choice but to drag myself forward, into the bright and hideous future, one sorry step at a time.

The handsome gentleman in these photos? Meet Marvin. He showed up one frosty evening under the front porch of my parents' house, yowling and hungry and playing shy guy. Eventually I coaxed him inside and upstairs, where he became a welcome fixture amongst pale sunlight poking through dark trees, grimy paperbacks and cups of spicy tea. Another thing I've been feeling a lot lately is that life is barely worth living without out a cat, which from what I understand is how I'm meant to feel about making babies, but, well, there you have it.

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