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Initially inspired by Nidhi's photos, and subsequently encouraged by countless friends and friends-of-friends with stories to tell, tips to offer, and nothing but the glowing-est of recommendations, Alex and I took a trip to Tulum, Mexico back in the beginning of November.

For us, it was a vacation in the purest sense, a rare and precious thing these days: no internet, no phone, no museums or shopping destinations or itineraries, few preconceived notions. Only sand, water, sun, rain, bicycles, hammocks, books, food and piña coladas 'til next Tuesday. An hour and a half distant from the rack and ruin of Cancun, when we stepped from our shuttle onto the powdery roadside sand the air smelled like flowers and sea and coconut, and there were conch shells in place of faucets in our hotel bathrooms. Other highlights of our five days of cabana life in the state of Quintana Roo included: going to bed at 8pm and waking (gladly) with the sun, forgetting what pants even feel like, having a different form of shrimp for every meal of the day, and buying strange, beautiful citrus by the sackful from the side of the road. It's true what everyone told us: you won't visit Tulum only once. You'll be back.

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