No matter how lean the times or how low the available balance, certain things remain constant: I am unable to stay clear of resale shops, I love a good bargain, and I live with one of the sweetest boys on the Eastern Seaboard.

As a direct result of these circumstances, a few awfully nice things have made their way into my life over the last couple of months: Wilder Quarterly (a surprise gift from Alex after a particularly rotten afternoon), a striped top that is the exact inverse of my all-time favorite shirt, a well-loved but still well lovely silk and rhinestone Phillip Lim tee, soft dove grey leather and cashmere gloves that will be destroyed immediately after their first trip outside in a proper snowstorm (but hey, nobody's perfect right??), a little pearl-covered glasses case that is shedding fake pearl dust everywhere I go, a bottle of Lincoln Park After Dark for my toenails, and two pair of gently used shoes. Material reminders of what a damn lucky girl I am, even as the unpaid invoices pile up and the hole in my best pair of boots grows ever larger.

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