It snowed here in NYC today. And not just a bit of fluff or the occasional frozen droplet floating by. Hefty, hearty, driving flakes. Big ass flakes. Flakes to write home about, or at least all over your facebook wall. And while the forecast is somewhat more optimistic, I fear today may mark the end of that sweet, fleeting season between tank tops and Gore-Tex. Ah fall, I hardly knew ye!

Two of the (many!) highlights of the season: last minute, impromptu visits to the Met. Always at or near 3pm on a weekday, grab a friend, rush to the train, guiltily slide whatever cash you may have in pocket towards the demure looking young lady in gold rimmed glasses behind the entrance desk, and proceed to the roof. Point out the Plaza Hotel in the distance and rest your elbows on the dense shrubbery. Spend what time you have left wandering through the 2nd Floor galleries and come face to face with what may be your favorite painting of all time. Good Goya.

Also: flowers! And how. I had the extreme pleasure of working with a certain Ms. Amy Merrick on two weddings in the last few weeks. One a small Manhattan affair, and the other an over night, upstate, semi-wilderness adventure. Both involved early mornings, cold fingers, heavy lifting and long hours. As well as an immense sense of satisfaction, several different types of cats, enormous cornbread muffins, slumber parties in converted sawmills, takeout Chinese and FUN. Lotta that. I may be a fool, but I'm hungry for more.


D. said...

i think you should go to the met to see the new islamic wing. i think it opens this week. it's pretty great and i think you'd like it.

Alisha! said...

Really? You prefer that Goya over Saturn devouring his children?

P.S>I had my eye on that Islamic wing for the entire time I was in NY! Please go!

Monique said...

Will certainly check out your favorite painting as well at the islamic wing...since that's the word. ah yes snow...bizarre...isn't it...I was born in ny and never remember it snowing before Halloween.

Maria said...

What's up with that crab?!

Maria xx

Kate said...

What a nice way to spend a few days. I'm saving gallery trips for real winter. They're such a good place to hide from the weather, even if I do feel guilty dripping snow slush all over the floors.

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Fleurette said...

I can't believe it actually snowed in New York. I haven't seen a wee bit of a snowflake here in Oslo yet, and it's actually not that cold. It's actually just perfect.

Hoping to visit MET! What camera do you use? Love the pictures!


miriam said...

i heard about the snow in nyc on the news here in sweden, crazy!

Laurie Furber said...

Fall is just starting here in NoCal. Morning bike ride is a little chilly, Farmer's Market is a confusing mix of berries, apples and gourds, and dressing in the morning requires ingenuity and layers.
Looking forward to firing up the gas fireplace and breaking out the crock pot.

Katherine said...

Love the flowers, especially the white ones with black in the center - can't believe I am blanking on the name especially since they were in my wedding bouquet! Stay warm! <3

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Anemones :n ) Super duper gorgeous!

tinyparticlesoflight said...

I'm so in love with the lighting in the flower photos....beautiful!