I'm always incredibly eager to see Marina Muñoz pop up on the blogs around Fashion Week. Her style never fails to knock me flat, with her consistently elegant mix of tough, slouchy menswear and soft feminine details. She has the most amazing collection of hats, many of the kind you might expect to see on weather-beaten old gauchos riding the pampas--but on her, chestnut hair in her favored low side-braid, a swipe of lipstick here or a crinkle of pale silk there, she appears as the impossibly winsome love child of Katherine Hepburn and Indiana Jones. Basically, everything I've always hoped and wished to be someday.

Hearing her speak with such intensity about the dedication she applies to her work only makes me admire her that much more. It's far too easy to let the fashion game get you bitter and worn out, especially when working in an assistant's position. It can be a LOT of long hours on little sleep and schlepping and sweating
and making frantic phone calls and taking the blame. But the way she describes it reminds me of what it is that makes that work worth something, even if it's only worth it to you. It's obvious that no matter what Ms. Muñoz sets her sights on in the future, the outcome will be no less than amazing, and I cannot wait to see just what's in store.

To learn a bit more about Marina, check out her Q&A on Tomboy Style.

(video by Style Like U)


Chuck said...

She is so beautiful and that is the perfect love child comparison! Can't wait to watch this. Thanks.

Sarah said...

Outrageous babe! She is the ultimate for me as far as streetstyle regulars. Thank you for posting this , Siri! I hadn't seen it. And those brows! I only wish I had eyebrows half as amazing.

Natasha said...

I adore her! Thank you for putting up this video! You definitely can see aspects of her style reflected in your wardrobe.

Liz said...

thank you for sharing this! she is just... ugh. girl crush for realz.

i think you two share the same put-together-without-trying-too-hard look :)

anabela / fieldguided said...

Love her.

Rosie said...

If only she could learn to speak like a grown-up, she would seem a lot more interesting to me. All the "like"s, the pauses in the wrong places, the teenager-y flat tone of voice, and the upward inflections at the end of sentences... Trying to hold a conversation with her would just infuriate me.

"She wore this to like, such a huge something-something, like, Christmas, dinner, or like huge thing?"

"I treat each moment, as like a fortunate experience?"

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Rosie, in theory I totally agree. Those sort of verbal crutches and affectations drive me crazy too. That said, I also struggle constantly not to fall back on them myself, and more often than not (especially on the rare occasion that I'm being interviewed or happen to have a camera in my face) they slip in unwanted. Obviously I can't speak to whether Marina is as conscious of the way she sounds, and if like me she is constantly working to straighten out her speech and intonation, but I for one wont judge her for it until I've met her and had a chance to speak with her in person :n )