These photos by Todd Selby from Gidon Bing's Auckland studio have me jonesing something fierce for a stroll by the sea. Every time I'm home in the islands, I make a point of taking a nice, long, solitary walk along the shore, stooping to pick up the odd piece of beach glass or puzzling detritus from the deeps. The beaches at home are as beautiful in winter hail and gentle rain as they are at sunset in the summertime: the salty smells, the stacks of a cargo ship far across the channel towards Canada, the cries of the gulls or the sudden screech of a Great Blue Heron, interrupted.

I always return from these walks with a shell or two rattling in my pockets, but I never seem to know just what to do with them when I get home. Eventually they are lost in the yard, underfoot, in some dusty corner, or perhaps sent to a watery grave in the washing machine. Seeing these drawers upon drawers of carefully sorted specimens gives me all sorts of dangerous ideas. As if I needed something new to hoard!

(All photos by Todd Selby found on theselby.com, please give credit if you repost)


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

I love the sea too..
These pictures are so beautiful!

family law Toronto said...

there are everything.. for imagination;)

mari b. said...

this makes me want to go to the seaside to badly.
simply beautiful.


Maggie said...

This is perfect--the drawer of mussel shells is particularly gorgeous, like a collection of little rainbows. My beach findings usually end up on a windowsill, but inevitable get destroyed by my cat...

jamie-lee said...

I love these photos of sea treasures - I do the same thing, love collecting sea shells :)

caroline said...

pretty. I use to collect sea shells and pretty rocks by the coast and they would just sit in a box. and once in awhile I would open it and smile. don't know whatever happened to that box. but this makes me want to go out into nature and start collecting again.

MICHELLE said...

These shots are amazing. The colors are really inspiring me..

Jana said...

very amazing, i love

Meg said...

incredible photos. so beautiful