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BUST Magazine October/November 2010

A piece of mine in the October/November issue of BUST Magazine, about Sheena Matheiken and the Uniform Project. I'm so glad to see that phase two of the Project is going so well! So far they've chosen really amazing girls to participate, and raised a good deal of money for some really worthwhile causes.

On a side note, I've added a link on the sidebar to my new online Portfolio. It's kinda a work in progress (in so many ways!) but so far I've got most of my published pieces and styling work up. Have a look--and feel free to pass it on to anyone who you think might benefit from my services ;n )


MissKellie said...

The Uniform Project sounds really interesting, it's awesome that you got involved!

spoon said...

I love the Uniform Project! I'm so glad that they are keeping it up--and how cool that you got to write about it for Bust! That's awesome!

Frii said...

haaa i love your blogs name XD its something you wont forget easilly! =DDDD


hannah, heart city said...

ohh im glad she's still doing her thing! and what great style :-)

jumpseat monalisa said...

loooove bust & the uniform project! congrats on getting published in such a baller magazine!