Slave to Love


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gentlewoman 2 teaser


Magazines! Two that I am looking forward to with bated breath, and one I've already had my way with at B&N (and wish wish wish I could have afforded to take home!)

I don't usually end up buying Fantastic Man, as much as would like to, but this time it's different. It's personal. It's BRYAN. Plus, I promised a land-locked pal that I'd send him a copy, and I definitely intend to have my way with it first.

The last issue of the Gentlewoman was quite special and exciting, especially for a debut effort, and the second one looks no less promising. Beyond all that, it's just such a pretty object to have around. To me the design, typography, and layout could not be more satisfying.

And have you had a peak at the current issue of LOVE?? I grabbed a copy while waiting out that freak tornado the other day at Barnes and Noble, and emerged a solid two hours later blinking at the night sky. Amazing interview after amazing interview, so many fascinating women. My favorite was with Lauren Hutton, and I absolutely am dying to read the autobiography she speaks about working on. What a life! What a lady.


PuppyLovePrincess said...

ohmeohmy, i lovelovelove bryan ferry...

stephanie renee said...

i am in need of some new magazines, thanks for the tips!

kristin renner said...

gentlewoman is great! and I totally agree with you about the graphic design. my boyfriend & I were just talking yesterday about splitting a subscription haha

Emily and Abigail said...

really lusting that leather bow belt!!


discothequechic said...

corr blimey, look at bryan grinning!

and I'm incredibly excited about the issue of the gentlewoman, particularly as I've lost count of the number of times that I've visited their site in search of a publication date..

Madelene said...

Oh, I adore Lauren Hutton. She looks great on the cover of Love.

jiyapatel said...

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