Joey to the world




photography: Aaron Richter
styling: Siri Thorson
hair & makeup: Anna Weber
model: Kate @ Supreme

Woo!! These are a few shots from an editorial I styled for Joey., a brand spankin' new zine which just officially launched a couple days ago. I'm really excited for the magazine, as well as their amazing blog, since Aaron and Claire (the team behind Joey) are two of the coolest, funnest, all around bestest people I've met here in NYC.

The outfits were cobbled together from a mishmash of my own stuff and some things straight out of Claire's closet. Be sure and check out the rest of the shoot, on the last few pages of issue #1. The rest of the shots are quite different, as you'll see!

(P.S. Please don't repost these images without crediting Aaron Richter and Joey, thanks!)


sarah said...

job well done, both girls look beautiful. you certainly wear a lot of hats. can't wait to see your next spread!
xo s

p.s. you dont happen to know what lipstick the tough chick is wearing, do ya?

Holly Springett said...

Love the shoot images!

Catherine said...

Gorgeous - you did such a wonderful job! I love the tops, and the halo of flowers!

Becca Jane said...

These are fantastic - you did a superb styling job!

Chelsea said...

Congrats, those are beautiful!