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Even though it's now officially Fashion Week in NYC, I'm still crushing on these looks from the Rodebjer S/S 2011 collection shown in Stockholm. I love the mix of dusty orange, beige and navy, and those hats are just so perfect! They remind me of Saturn's rings.

P.S. Anyone else headed out into the utter madness of New York's FNO tomorrow?? My better instincts tell me to stay the hell inside and bury my head under a pillow...but Alexa Chung at Madewell and Opening Ceremony at Ace Hotel are wooing me with their siren songs (and promises of free cookies.)

P.P.S. For any out-of-towners visiting for the week, or really anyone who's ever asked me for recommendations as to what to do/eat in Brooklyn, to whom I have responded with enthusiastic reassurances of putting together some sort of guide, and then completely failed to follow through, like a proper ass: I did a little Q&A with Brooklyn 365 about some of my favorite local haunts :n )

(all images found via Six Six Sick)


Megan said...

You got the cat print bag, and in a backpack no less. Congrats! I actually decided to make my tote into a pillow b/c it had way too awkward short straps, but the catpack? Amazing.

Cherie said...

Lovely colours.


elle s'appelle cesca! said...

Ahh, wish I'd have seen the Q&A a couple of weeks ago! It was my first time visiting NYC and I didn't know any nice and different places to go :(

Gina said...

i went to the alexa chung madewell event! did you go to opening ceremony? i really wanted to go but my shoes were killing me!! :( got a free tote and zip up make up bag thingamabob :)

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Aw man sweet! We stood in line for Madewell for a while, but got impatient and left to head up to the Opening Ceremony thing. When we got there the line was INSANE and not moving even a little bit. So we bought some pork buns from a stand and stood around for a bit and saw the Selby talking to a bunch of French people. Yeah! Haha, anyways, I think the key to really enjoying FNO is to a) be famous enough to skip lines and/or b) actually have money to buy shit!