under the eaves

mom's roses

starry night


Francoise, Twiggy, Edie

years and years worth

Here's a few of my favorite corners from my dusty little room here on the Island (and for such a small space, it's got an awful lot of corners--and dust!) Thankfully, my parents have been kind enough to allow my various bits of detritus to accumulate untouched up here over the years, mostly on the walls as you can see!

Sidenote: I just finished reading Just Kids by Patti Smith, and I was completely blown away. It's honestly the most amazing, touching, exciting, and sweetly sad story I've read in ages and ages, and so incredibly well written. It's made me, me, almost excited to get back to New York--if only to spend a day tracing a walking tour of Patti and Robert's former haunts.


Love_Again said...

oh i am so off to get that book now, i needed a recommendation and i love Patti's writings.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

You will not be disappointed! I have to admit that I'd never even read any of her poetry, but whether you're already a devoted Patti fan or not it completely stands on its own as an amazing story.

Outi said...

Ah, what lovely lovely roses!
I've been thinking of getting the Patti Smith -book ever since I read an article on it and this recommendation surely hastens my getting the book!

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading 'Just Kids' too and was completely overwhelmed after reading it. The way it was written was just so beautiful, touching and honest. I'm glad to hear someone else thought the same! :)


Sarah J said...

This really is lovely.

Alisha! said...

I met Patti Smith this week! She is amazing and it was mad inspiring!!

P.S. Can you please declare glow in the dark star stickers back-in-back-in-style??

Katie said...

I love your room!!

cynthia said...

just recently finished "just kids" as well and absolutely loved the heck out of it. it made me laugh and cry, and for a book to make me cry is kind of a big deal. i am so inspired by her story!
you should make a post about visiting patti's former haunts when you return...... but do enjoy your remaining days in the NW :) nothing like the islands in the summertime.

Anonymous said...

met her in february she signed my journal and told me to keep writing, she is absolutely amazing. I you see her perform live and she was incredible so humble and shy and yet powerful.

anabela / fieldguided said...

Love those glow in the dark stars! I covered my bedroom ceiling with them when I was little. I wonder if they're still there.

I just finished Just Kids this weekend and it was so amazing! I've never been a Patti Smith fan (in terms of her music, which is all I knew) but it was a beautifully told, amazing story. Such a good book.

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Millineries said...

Just Kids is so amazing! I love Radio Ethiopia, so great to get insight into so much. I loved how detailed the accounts of their clothing throughout the years was too. I was crying at work when I finished it, really good.

meg wachter said...


one of the best autobios i've read, as well. i lived across the street from their 1st apt on hall street, too. so much love!

Everyone calls me Coco. said...

i love your decorations

sarah said...

i just finished kitchen readings, a hunter s. thompson biography and it burned an urge in me to make the voyage to woody creek, CO. i'll have to grab a copy of 'kids' and be on my way to NY...

p.s. in that beautiful karen elson spread in june vogue, jackson smith is seen reading his mom's book...

Anonymous said...

Patti Smith really is amazing. I remember when I first heard song Land, I was hooked:D! I discoverd Robert Mapplethorpe thru her.
The book is yet to be read.

Greetings from Slovenia*


Madelene said...

We have the same red Moleskine.

Patrice said...

Patti Smith is amazing. I loved Just Kids. So well written.