Sunshine Superman




Just checking in lightning fast from my "office", aka the back seat of my car, where I'm able to nab some hippy's wifi signal floating around out here in the forest. We made a flower crown for a friend's birthday last week, while we hung out and read Fudge and Norwegian Folktales. Can't believe I've been here almost two weeks already and, more importantly, that I only have two more left...


Melinda said...

Love all the flora! Are those sweet pea flowers? Those smell so good! Can you read Japanese characters (Fudge)? I'm jealous!

big fea said...

I love your purple dress!

Luna : said...

beautiful shots; the hair, the flowers, its just summer pure and simple!

nyc lu said...

lovely shots, so very summery!

javiera isidora said...

awww super cute the crowd,,,, nice present for a b-day!
and beautiful pics in the forest :)


Sewon said...

i love your friend's flower crown and your purple dress. most of all, i love how laid back and fun your days look in your photos.

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

aww i long for days like this. beautiful photos.

kristin renner said...

in LOVE with that purple dress!

Milla said...

Home sweet home, but seriously surely there is not a thrift store on Waldron?!? 'Cos if there is I be hopping in my canoe right now!

Milla said...

Nevermind of course the one in fharbor. No wonder there was nothing good left there the other day, save for a stray red mini skirt...

MissKellie said...

Your purple dress is adorable! :)

Natasha the whimsical nerd said...

great shots and clothes.

minnja said...



LOVE minnja

Little Monarch said...

how did you make the crown? i have been getting so frustrated because my crowns never work out. also, you look so pretty and you have a lovely blog for someone who is updating in the back of the car!

Annie's Online Store said...

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The Velvet Bow said...

Pretty wreaths!