latest imports

strawberry knobs

fishbone comb

tiny tea cup

blurry goya

Just a few of the pretty things I collected for next to nothing over my four weeks back home: heavy brass drawer pulls shaped like strawberries/a red plastic fishbone comb (thanks Dag!!)/the tiniest little tea cup and saucer--I should have put something in there for scale, it's barely two inches tall!/a wee fifty cent print of my favorite Goya painting.


sarah said...

all golden and red.
i'd be interested to see where the strawberries end up...

Ashley Ording said...

Oh those strawberry drawer pulls are the CUTEST. Amazing find!


Mary said...

Oh my goodness so adorable! Where did you find all of this?

Emily and Abigail said...

lusting this tea cup so cute :) and the stripped top is great!


Zoë said...

did you subconsciously concoct a red theme here? even if you didn't this is all quite wonderful! my favourite is the comb and the wee goya!