siren festival

antique handmade Russian blouse/Cheap Monday shorts/Saltwater Sandals/second hand bag

Saturday afternoon, I made the train trip down to Coney Island to see the Pains play at Siren Fest. This blouse usually hangs on my wall, it's so pretty and ancient. But every now and then I like to take it off display and out into the real world for some fresh air (and, in this case, plenty of sweat.)

Antique Russian Blouse

Honestly, as far as the festival was concerned I was mostly excited for the endless array of tasty foods available (final tally: one fro-yo, one corndog, one soft serve cone, one lemonade.) In the end, despite all the sugar in my system, the day was bittersweet since Alex and the band left right after playing for a five week European tour. I wont be seeing his pretty face again for over a month! Which sucks ass. At least I'll be spending the better part of that time in Washington where many cats, ducks, chickens and various forest creatures await to sooth my sorrows!


Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! I love that shirt.d

Anonymous said...

You look awesome!! Question about your cute sandels, I wanted to order some online from the site (I live in Sydney) and was wondering if you found their sizes were normal? (ie you wear a size 8 normally and you fit a size 8?/). Thanks so much!!!! x

anabela / fieldguided said...

Oh wow, most beautiful blouse ever.

JordanMayTwigs said...

Oh man I missed Siren Festival!!!
I went to it a few years ago.
I saw MIA there!!!!

Hope it was a good time.
Despite the heat.



Ohlala Tres Belle said...

love that shirt.
so delicate and pretty!


stephanie renee said...

it is so gorgeous!

Emily said...

oh man. i didnt know he was like, LEAVING leaving. i would have deff stuck around to keep you company, im sure you felt real lonely :(

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Aw man that's ok! They actually got to stick around for an hour or so, and then after we said goodbye I just went home! I was totally beat. The worst part is that, since he's in Europe, I probably literally wont speak to him at all the whole time he's gone, maybe once or twice if we can coordinate it somehow. Skype even stopped working on his crap computer :n ( Boooooo!

Nickie Frye said...

This is really pretty. Totally classic & feminine. Love it!